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Standing Rules


A paper copy of the Bylaws is housed at the clubhouse and available for review by any member

Standing Rules

  1. No one shall use the name, stationery or influence of the federation or her official title except in connection with federation business and interests.
  2. Neither the federation manual nor any portion of the mailing list shall be given or sold to be used for commercial purposes without the approval of the executive committee.
  3. Regular meetings of the Club shall begin at 11:00 AM
  4. No resident may be a guest of the General Club meetings more than twice in a club year.
  5. All active members are entitled to participate in the activities of the various sections.
  6. Members wishing to resign the Club should do so in writing to the Executive Board.
  7. Clubhouse and furnishings are to be left in the same condition as received.
  8. All secured properties including the public address system and grand piano shall not be loaned or rented
  9. A scholarship shall be awarded to a girl from Beaumont High School only. Money for the scholarship shall be presented upon proof of entrance to a given school. This award must be used in the year it is given. The recipient of the Beaumont High School scholarship will be invited to the Spring luncheon to received the scholarship award.
  10. Catered luncheons require payment in advance
  11. Active members shall pay annual dues of Forty Dollar ($40.00) by April 1st and shall be delinquent after the General meeting in MayDues are allocated as follows:
    GFWC $15.00
    CFWC $ 4.00
    District $ 3.00
    Club $18.00


Beaumont Woman's Club, Information

Club Information

Club Motto

The Joy of Volunteering

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Civil, Social and Cultural 

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is an international women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. Collectively, we are Living the Volunteer Spirit.

Community Service Activities 

We advocate for Children




Community Improvement


Domestic Violence





Public Issues


Writing Contest


Club Colors

Green & Gold 


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Club Flower

California Poppy

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General Club Meetings

September 6, 2018- May 2019, and are usually held on the
1st Thursday of each month. Meetings begin at 11:00am

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Luncheon Reservations

Make reservations by the Monday prior to our meetings. An RSVP confirms your attendance and you will be charged for the cost of a catered lunch should you not attend.

Club Dues


Dues are payable to the Treasurer April 1st and shall be delinquent May 1st

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held at the clubhouse on the last Thursday of the month prior to the upcoming club meeting.

Start time is 10:00 am
All members are welcome to attend a board meeting!

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Beaumont Woman's Club

Living the Volunteer Spirit

Keep us, O God, from pettiness; let us be large in thought, in word, in deed.

Let us be done with fault finding and leave off self-seeking.

May we put away all pretense and meet each other face to face without
self-pity and without prejudice.

May we never be hasty in judgment and always generous.

Let us take time for all things, make us to grow calm, serene and gentle.

Teach us to put into action our better impulses, straightfoward and unafraid.

Grant that we may realize it is the little things that create differences, that in the big things of life we are at one.

And may we strive to touch and to know the great common human heart of us all.
And, O Lord God, let us not forget to be kind.

Mary Stewart, Colorado 1904