The Beaumont Woman’s Club was established in 1908 and its first project was building a library for this town. In 1914, two lots at Sixth and Euclid streets were purchased to build a community center. The woman’s club had $50 in their treasury and an 1894 Steinway piano. With a $3,000 loan, the cornerstone was laid for the community center and it was dedicated on May 11, 1917.

The community center has a rich history in Beaumont.

Last year, the club celebrated its 100th years helping the community.

full article found at Record Gazette

In the late 1990s, the community center was donated to the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Recreation and Park District.

It was renovated and reopened in 2008. Since then, it has been a venue for the San Gorgonio Pass Historical Society, Table of Plenty and CAST Players.

The Beaumont Woman’s Club also has helped with projects for Childhelp, the Boys and Girls Club of the San Gorgonio Pass, Guide Dogs of the Desert, and Winter Wish.

Guests at the 100th year celebration included Congressman Raul Ruiz, Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley, Assemblyman Chad Mayes and Banning City Councilman Art Welch, representing State Senator Mike Morrell.

The club received many certificates and proclamations celebrating the community center’s 100 years.


1950 woman's club
1950 Woman’s Club

Past Presidents

Mrs. Walter Sheppard 1908-1909
Mrs. William Barrett 1909-1910
Mrs. E.M Bartlett 1910-1911
Mrs. F.C Martin 1911-1913
Mrs. Kenneth R. Smoot 1913-1915
Ms. A. Marjorie Boulton 1915-1916
Mrs. Kenneth R. Smoot 1916-1918
Mrs. George Decker, Resigned 1918
Mrs. J.O. Tillery 1919-1920
Ms. A Marjorie Boulton 1920-1922
Mrs. E.L. Hynes, Resigned 1922
Mrs. R.E. Dillon 1922-1923
Mrs. Richard Roberts, Resigned 1923
Mrs. J.O. Tillery 1923-1925
Ms. A. Marjorie Boulton 1925-1926
Mrs. C.M.Bailey 1926-1927
Mrs. A.W. Grant 1927-1929
Mrs. Ellen Clark Martin 1929-1930
Mrs. H.D. Young 1930-1931
Mrs. O.E. McGinnis 1931-1932
Mrs. Russell H. Adams 1932-1933
Mrs. Ernest Nolting 1933-1934
Mrs. Harold D Young 1934-1935
Ms. A. Marjorie Boulton 1935-1937
Mrs. R.S. Harrington 1937-1938
Mrs. John Miller 1938-1939
Ms. A. Marjorie Boulton 1939-1940

Mrs. Earl Harvey 1940-1942
Mrs. William M. Sewell 1942-1943
Mrs. Paul A. Taylor 1943-1944
Mrs. Robert W. Hartwell 1944-1945
Mrs. Margaret M. Cressor 1945-1946
Mrs. Wallace Freeman 1946-1947
A.D. Cox 1947-1948
Mrs. Ralph Gagnon 1948-1949
Mrs. James Baillie 1949-1950
Mrs. Harry Galyan 1950-1951
Mrs. William C. Cozens 1951-1952
Mrs. Dock Stock 1952-1953
Mrs. Jack Dawson 1953-1955
Mrs. Martha Urton Prater 1955-1956
Mrs. Harry H. Brown 1956-1958
Mrs. Timothy Coleman 1958-1959
Mrs. James Baillie 1959-1960
Mrs. Don Stock 1960-1961
Mrs. Al Bonham 1961-1962
Mrs. Wallace Howell 1962-1963
Mrs. Ruth Bowman 1963-1964
Mrs. Donald McLaughlin 1964-1965
Mrs. Timothy Coleman 1965-1966
Mrs. Oscar Chance 1966-1967
Mrs. Wayne Bynum, Resigned 1967
Mrs. Helen Hupp 1967-1968
Mrs. Lewis McCreary 1968-1969

Mrs. Lewis McCreary 1968-1969
Mrs. Blagovest Nicholoff 1969-1971
Mrs. Geroge Sloan 1971-1972
Mrs. Donald McLaughlin 1972-1973
Mrs. Myrtle Epperson 1973-1974
Mrs. Wayland Dalton 1974-1975
Mrs. Don Stock 1975-1976
Mrs. Albert Haskell 1976-1977
Mrs. Frank Alder 1977-1979
Mrs. Earl Seay 1979-1980
Mrs. Albert Haskell 1980-1981
Mrs. Everett Bristow 1981-1982
Mrs. Ruth Gudgell 1982-1983
Mrs. Richard Kinney 1983-1984
Mrs. Roy Jennings 1984-1985
Mrs. Otto Hartwig 1985-1986
Mrs. Kenneth Corner 1986-1988
Mrs. Richard Kinney 1988-1990
Mrs. Helen McCafferty 1993-1994
Mrs. Olin Johnson 1994-1995
Mrs. Ruth Gudgell 1995-1996
Mrs. Yvonne Washington 1996-1998
Mrs. Donald McLaughlin 1998-2000
Mrs. Roy L. Jennings 2000-2002
Mrs. Gerald J. Zeller 2002-2003

Mrs.Thomas A. Fisher 2007-2009
Mrs. Lola Salyards 2009-2011
Mrs. Joan Marie Patsy 2013-2015
Mrs. Earlene Boyd 2015-2018
Mrs. Nancy Preece 2018-